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Dating the enemy divides

Dating the enemy divides

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Math Dividing by Zero Date: Iain MacEachern Subject: Dividing by zero I cannot comprehend that a human being is not able to divide a number by zero, because by definition 0 is nothing, and if you can multiply by nothing, and add and subtract by nothing, why can't you divide by nothing?

Let's say you have 10 apples and you divide them by 0 - don't you still have 10 apples? I cannot see why this cannot be done!

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Thank you for giving this question notice. Sincerely confused, Iain MacEachern Date: Doctor Peterson Subject: Dividing by zero Hi, Iain. Did you see our FAQ on this dating the enemy divides, which answers your question in several ways? Let's watch what happens when we try to divide those apples. First, let's divide the 10 apples into piles of 2, so we can give 2 to each of our friends.

When we run out, we'll be out of friends! Now let's try dividing the apples into piles of ZERO to give to our enemies, and see when we run out: No matter how many empty piles I make, I haven't used up any of my apples.

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I guess I can have infinitely many enemies to give them to! This is why we can't divide by zero: And your mention of human beings is interesting; it's precisely because we are human, and therefore finite, that we can't do this. To put all of this into mathematical datings the enemy divides, dividing by 2 means finding a number 5 by which we can multiply 2 to get That's what happened when I tried dividing the apples.

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