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Dating sites free trial period

Dating sites free trial period

Setting the Subscription Billing Cycle Date Subscriptions are billed on a cycle, learn how to set the billing date.

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This defaults to when the subscription was created—or, if a trial period is used, to the trial end. The billing interval of its plan or plans. For example, a customer subscribed to a monthly plan set to cycle on the 2nd of the month will always be billed on the 2nd.

A different customer, subscribed to that same plan starting on the 15th, will always be billed on the 15th. If a month datings sites free trial period not have the anchor day, the subscription will be billed on the last day of the month For example, a subscription starting on January 31 bills on February 28 or February 29 in a leap yearthen March 31, April 30, and so on.

Specifying the billing cycle anchor when creating new datings sites free trial period When creating new subscriptions, you can configure their billing cycle anchor to fixed dates for example, the 1st of the next month when creating the subscriptions. FromUnixTimeSeconds If prorate is false, the initial period up to the billing cycle anchor will be free—similar to a free trial.

Changing the billing cycle on pre-existing subscriptions There are two ways to change when an existing subscription is billed: Be aware that this results in the customer being invoiced immediately. This can be done through the API.

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Introducing a trial results in setting the anchor to the end of the trial. Trials are typically used at the start of a subscription. Applying them during a subscription is allowed.

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Make sure to consider prorating changes before getting started. Prorating changes Stripe bills subscriptions with conventional fixed-rate plans and per-seat plans in advance: The prorate flag determines whether the customer receives a credit for the unused time from the previous invoice.

Dating sites free trial period

When prorate is false, changing the subscription causes no proration adjustments to be created. With proration disabled there is no credit for the unused time, so the new invoice for the full period amount might result in overpayment.

Enabling proration in this case will result in the total invoiced amount being correct.

Because trials are free parts of a subscription, introducing a trial to an existing paid subscription results in a proration. Using a trial to change the billing cycle By introducing a non-prorated trial period to a subscription, you can configure the billing cycle to be any date.

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For example, if it is May 15 and a customer has an active subscription set to bill next on May 23, and you introduce a trial period until June 1st: The customer will not be billed on May The customer will be billed next on June 1, then on July 1, and so on.

Int64Prorate: Thresholds In addition to the trial period cycle, subscriptions may be configured to bill whenever the amount due reaches a threshold. If configured to invoice this way, hitting the threshold can optionally reset the subscription cycle. See billing thresholds for more details. Changing the billing cycle with a trial via the Dashboard To add a trial period to an existing subscription via the Dashboard: Find the subscription you want to change.

Set Trial end to the date you want billing to resume. Uncheck Prorate per the above discussion, this is likely what you want.

Metered billing In a metered dating sites free trial period plan, the price paid by the customer varies based on consumption during the billing cycle. When changing the billing cycle results in ending a subscription interval early, metered billing plans simply charge for the usage accrued during the shortened billing period.

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