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Boulder dating reddit

Boulder dating reddit

My research topics include the whole chain of phenomena occurring during solar storms between the Sun and the Earth: What are the basic processes of solar storm release?

How do solar storms trigger geomagnetic activity? What are the key plasma processes controlling this interaction?

Boulder dating reddit

Can solar and geomagnetic storms be predicted? What are the potential impacts of solar storms on society? I try to tackle these questions through both basic science and instrumentation ion and electron spectrometers in boulder dating reddit. I have been studying the space weather and the coupling of the ionospheric, magnetospheric, and solar wind plasmas using satellite instrumentation since I have participated in the design, implementation, and operation of instruments on several NASA missions focused on space weather.

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I am a space scientist. For example, how and why do solar storms and other space phenomena cause the heating of the upper atmosphere and its escape into space? How does this heating impact Earth-orbiting satellites?

How does the solar wind produce the aurora, and the associated electrical boulders dating reddit in the ionosphere? How substantial of a threat are solar storms to satellites in earth orbit?

Is there a chance that we will see the GPS system disrupted one day? Satellites are designed to withstand the largest known storm, but we are not sure we have seen the largest possible storm and satellite components degrade over time, making them more prone to failure.

That said, it is highly unlikely that all of the GPS satellites would simultaneously fail due to a solar storm. How did you get into this field and what is your favorite aspect of it?

Boulder dating reddit

Hearthsynkrz Well, first you have to like science. Then to have some preference for Astrophysics-type topics. Is there any chance of being able to harness these space storms to generate energy?

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No technology would currently allow to boulder dating reddit, or else, this energy into a really useable form of energy on ground for human usage purposes. The induced currents on ground are a form of energy conversion, into a ground system, but this is indeed more of a problem than a benefit at least for now.

Is the boulder dating reddit shift of the earth gradual or instant? Not sure if this is relevant your you field specifically, but how would you handle communications between the Earth and another body if the sun was in between them? The Sun is too opaque.

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Such loss of communication has in fact happened recently with the two STEREO boulder dating reddit, which drifted ahead and beyond the Earth on a similar orbit around the Sun, until at some point they past beyond the Sun. Communications were cut as planned and then we got back online though one spacecraft had issues. What will happen when the moon is too far away to have any boulder dating reddit on the oceans?

It will have to move many thousands of miles before there is any measurable effect on the tides. Do these magnetic fields have effects that contribute to or alter storms or lightning in any significant way? Foxxyedarko The short answer is we don't know. Several researchers have attempted to find such effects, but to date none have been reported. If you had to explain what you do and your main professional interests to a five year old, what would you say?

In particular I try to understand solar storms and how these eventually lead to auroras. During intervals of dipole reversal higher order components of the field dominate.

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During these times aurora will occur at all latitudes. Are there plans in place to rebuild technological infrastructure and society as we know it today in the the event of a solar flare catastrophe? How long would it take for.

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