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Dating in asia video linkin park - linkin park videography

Live "Numb" has been a signature song in Linkin Park setlists since it's debut on the Meteora touring cycle. The song was first performed on Metallica's Summer Sanitarium Tour inafter the record label encouraged the band to perform the song after wanting to push it as the next single for Meteora.

Throughout the year, the song tended to be performed near the end of the main set, usually three songs from the encore break.

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Beginning on the band's Meteora Australian and Asian Tour, at the first night in Tokyo, Japan"Numb" was given a new guitar interlude intro that would be performed briefly before being dropped after a few shows. The song maintained the late-set position throughout the rest of the touring cycle. On the Meteora International Tour, "Numb" was performed with a new guitar intro, that was eventually transitioned from the outro of "Breaking The Habit" on Projekt Revolution.

The studio version of the song was finally brought back in August, on the brief Summer Sonic stint in Japan, where the song was performed as the third song in the setlist at all shows. When the band introduced rotating setlists on Projekt Revolution"Numb" was located mid-set in all three setlists, transitioning into the piano version of "Pushing Me Away" throughout the rest of the year. When three new sets were introduced in"Numb" retained the mid-set position with the keyboard transition, which went into either a short keyboard cover of The Cure's " Just Like Heaven " or " The Little Things Give You Away ".

This position was maintained in the new summer setlists, as well.

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Nothing changed ineither, except for the keyboard transition going into " Breaking The Habit " instead of any of the previous options. On the A Thousand Suns touring cycle, "Numb" escaped it's typical position and was moved up a bit in the setlist.

Replacing the keyboard transition outro was a transition outro featuring the Robert J. Oppenheimer speech from " The Radiance " being remixed by Joe over piano chords and Mike singing the first verse lyrics from " The Catalyst " through a vocoder, transitioning into "Breaking The Habit".

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This stayed true in the summer as well, however the transitions for Set C and Set B were swapped. On the promotional European festival tour, "Numb" was featured in the early-mid set position before " Lies Greed Misery ", and in the headlining set was featured as the second-to-last song in the encore, before " Bleed It Out ".

Dating in asia video linkin park

Set A originally featured "Numb" in the second-to-last spot of the encore, before the song was eventually moved into the link set before " What I've Done ", Set B featured the song later in the main set after " Lost In The Echo ", and in Set C, the song was featured second-to-last in the main set before "Bleed It Out".

It transitioned from the extended outro of Mike's Solo Medley.

The song retained this general position throughout the rest of the touring cycle, the only notable change being that it came after " Welcome " after its debut in Mexico. Variations Last Updated:

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