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Dating pool waterfall xbox one

Dating pool waterfall xbox one

This puts activities where players can earn big bucks in quick order at the top of the priority list, which means treasure hunting is essential. The Poisonous Trail Map 1 This map is found in the northeast, way up where you began the game.

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Set a custom marker for Cairn Lake. Once there, look for a cabin at the far end of the lake. Inside the cabin is lockbox with the map in it.

Dating pool waterfall xbox one

West of Eris Field and Ringneck Creek is a hill. The map is found in a hole on one of the dead trees. Look for a snake carved into the ground with rocks for its eye.

Search the middle of the eye. The Poisonous Trail Treasure Location The actual treasure is found behind a waterfall at Elysian Pool, north of where the final map was found.

Dating pool waterfall xbox one

When you get there, create a manual save in case you take a tumble on the inside. Go through the waterfall and take out your Lantern, going along the path the only way possible for about 10 seconds.

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Crouch and move along the path dating pool waterfall xbox one west for a few steps, then duck into a tiny crawl space to the north. Follow this through and take your first right, then another right to find a lockbox with some click stashed in it.

Take the path to the northeast as you leave the lockbox, traveling east until you come to another ledge. Turn left and move to the edge of the ledge, then jump down and onto another ledge.

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Once you make it to the ledge, go over the little hill and slide down into the water. Hop up on another ledge and search the rocks. To exit the cave, go back up the slope you just slid down and to the ledge.

On your right is a very small ledge you can climb on. Do so, then climb up another ledge behind you.

Pool one xbox dating waterfall

Take the path straight, ignoring the alcove to the right, and then another one a bit down the tunnel on the left. Climb up and the exit to the cave is to the southeast.

This will complete the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt quest. Now that you have the locations of the Poisonous Trail Maps, and have completed the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt quest, be sure to visit the Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guidewhere we help you become the best outlaw you can be.

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